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The Purlieu is a persistent, science fiction universe set in our solar system several centuries in the future. 
Three centuries ago, when the United Nations finally collapsed under its own weight, two political “Precepts” vied for leadership of the entire globe. The resultant Continental Precept War was catastrophic. When a ceasefire was finally called, the Precepts coalesced into the first global, two-party Parliament. The great war machines of the Precepts were transformed into machines of industry, and soon, medical advancements led to epic population growth. Under the weight of the industrious new global authority, sea levels rose, land vanished, and society squeezed inland to escape the tides.
As a surprise initiative of one influential Precept Senator, a third party, Precept Unit, joined Precepts Form and Coil in the global regime.  Soon after, that same Senator swayed the vote to construct a colossal space station in Earth's orbit – Luna 2 – his great hope to cure the horrors of modern civilization. In addition to Luna 2, settlements on the Moon and Mars maintained some measure of involvement in astral politics. And one year ago, Parliament narrowly approved the construction of a permanent space settlement in the orbit of Titan, Saturn’s largest moon.  However, the conditions of civilization around Earth have become so dire that many doubt the legitimacy of the settlement of Titan.  Political tension has once again reached its breaking point, as it did during the height of United Nations corruption, several centuries ago.
As the Precepts fight for greater power, the human species fights to survive, seeking new frontiers on the Moon, Mars, Luna 2, and Titan. But one question remains: Is space the cure?
The above is a drastically oversimplified primer for the Purlieu Series. For greater detail, check out this introduction to the novel, Moonskin, another drastically oversimplified primer for the Purlieu Series.

The Purlieu is a science fiction Universe imagined and created by Anthony J. Zingales.  He loves you for visiting and hopes you feel the same.
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