When a coup d'état—300 years in the making—ignites the turf, a firestorm of unrest spreads through the solar system.  A handful of rebels take matters into their own hands, but the upheaval only careens further out of control.  Spacefaring humans, humans not of Earth, weather the hellstorm as the self-proclaimed titans of the solar system play dice with their home worlds.
Rigel Porter has made the billion kilometer trek to Saturn twice—this time to permanently settle Titan’s surface.  Franklin Kline and Eta Porter have dedicated their careers to Rigel’s mission, certain that space is the cure to a stagnant, truculent society.  They have triumphed where demagogues of the last 300 years have failed, creating the first three-party system since the demise of the United Nations.
The bravest of pioneers have ushered in a new era of space settlement.  They have settled the Moon, constructed a colossal space station in Earth’s orbit, and emigrated over one hundred million people off the turf.
Yet, it isn’t enough.  Yesterday’s mulish two-party authority still smothers the Moon and Mars, Earth’s biosphere is on the brink of collapse, a power-hungry media mogul monopolizes the flow of information, and scientific inquiry is trampled by the powerful and the wicked.  Worst of all, the nascent third party, Precept Unit, bred of the animosity between Precept Form and Precept Coil, casts a shadow over Parliament.
When a merciless coup d'etat leaves the astral government in ashes, Kline and Eta flee for their lives, severing Rigel’s lifeline to Earth.  Kline and Eta claw through the wreckage of political miscarriage as Rigel embarks on a tempestuous odyssey through the solar system.  It seems that they will stop at nothing to defeat the Precepts, racing through space, across Earth, around Titan, over Mars, and into the badlands of the Moon—but how much are they willing to sacrifice to crush their enemies, and is it their right to choose?


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