Welcome to The Purlieu Artwork Gallery!

All of the artwork posted in this gallery is original work created by the writer of The Purlieu.  Some of the artwork is "concept" in nature, meaning that not all of the artwork will be used for the books.  However, all of the art is inspired by and created in the spirit of The Purlieu!  Enjoy!


Precept Form Holologo
The holo-logo of Precept Form is a three dimensional emerald orb adorned by a forward-pointing, bold, silver arrowhead. The arrowhead rotates about the center at a 45 degree angle such that the tip of the arrow sweeps the entire edge of the orb as it spins.  The arrowhead symbolizes Precept Form’s political and engineering philosophy.
When we envisioned Form's holo-logo, we both pictured an arrowhead.  However, one of us envisioned a pre-historic arrowhead, and the other envisioned something more modern.  Ultimately, the prehistoric arrowhead won out.  It tickled us that Precept Form, hyper-fixated on beauty and grace, would ornament its crest with something obsolete (not to mention unfashionable!).  At the same time, it is true that Form believes design is itself an ends.  To be sure, when this arrowhead was constructed, it was, indeed, 1) beautiful, and it 2) served one very specific purpose - two fundamental tenets of Form design philosophy.  Thousands of years later, the design of the arrowhead betrayed its usefulness.  The notion that an object such as this can become obsolete centrally defines Form's philosophy.



Precept Coil Holologo
Precept Coil's dark cherry orb is adorned by a golden double helix partially unzipped at each end. The double helix rotates uniformly within the orb in its three-dimensional form.
At the core of Precept Coil philosophy is the notion that every design must be malleable and adaptable.  The unzipped double helix represents DNA, adapting and evolving in order to ensure the survival of Precept Coil’s engineering and sovereignty.








Precept Unit Holologo
Precept Unit’s void orb is hazed with the glimmers of a million stars, most indiscernible to the human eye. The void orb is adorned by several brighter stars, twinkling intermittently over the haze of the background stars in its three-dimensional form. The bright stars signify hidden might amidst the infinite unity of party support.









Vote Franklin Kline in '16
Franklin Kline in ’16!  Running for office once again is the perennial people’s champion, Franklin Kline!  This is a candidate that gets things done and reaches for the stars.  You may be concerned about the state of politics on the turf, but Franklin Kline has the answer to all of your worries: Space is the Cure!!!
(Franklin Kline approves this message.) 




















Moonskin, Cover Art Version 2
 Another take on Moonskin's cover (current cover)!


























Moonskin, Cover Art
The cover art for Moonskin suffered through months and months of development.  We wanted the major planets from the novel represented on the cover.  We hope you'll agree that the utter chaos represented in the background adequately befits the story.  If you look closely, you may even find a supernova lit up like a cigar.  In early renditions, Earth peaked over the edge of the cover instead of the Moon.  But, as you'll see in the novel, the view from Earth isn't really so important as the view from the Moon...the view from space.  Space aficionados will notice the "Earthrise" inspiration in the cover art.  The philosophies that came to permeate the "Earthrise" photograph itself resonate through Moonskin as major reflective themes.





















Moonskin, Audiobook Cover Art
We took a simpler approach for the audiobook (available here on podiobooks.com) cover.  We just liked the contrast of the dark and light.  We hope the darker take helps save your eyeballs while you listen to the audiobook after the sun goes down!




















Moonskin, Early Cover Art Design
As you can imagine, the cover art for Moonskin went through months and months of revisions.  The ultimate goals for the design never changed, but we did end up with the most simple version of it.  As we progressed, we developed better ways to make use of the page.  Most importantly, we felt the empty black space of this early revision and diminutive planetary bodies took away from the bold, tumultuous narrative under the cover.  I think what ultimately led to the significant revisions was the realization that I had been drawing inspiration from cover art created in the 1970s!  We believe today’s cover falls much more in line with modern day science fiction artwork.
























Moonskin, Cover Art First Revision 
For laughs, I thought you might enjoy a peek at the birth of Moonskin's cover art.  As you can see, my graphic design skills have always been amazing. Especially note the textures of the Moon, Mars, and Saturn (if you can't tell, that's the Moon on the bottom, Mars in the middle, and Saturn on the left!).  I really feel that I utilized the full range of Microsoft Paint's graphic design offerings in this revision.  I couldn't be more proud!  You'll also notice that the title "Moonskin" had yet to be born at the time this cover was created.

The Purlieu is a science fiction Universe imagined and created by Anthony J. Zingales.  He loves you for visiting and hopes you feel the same.
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